Sunday, October 30, 2011

Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge Trading Suspended

Trading has been suspended for a week on the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. Apparently, some of the leaders who it seemed couldn't be getting luckier were actually exploiting a glitch in the fantasy trading system. CNBC explains it in their this article.

I suppose I should have made it clear before that the tips I have given for how a player can improve their chances of winning this competition are relevant to winning without cheating. So now that the system is hopefully fixed and fair, everyone should be able to take advantage of the tips here for a real chance at winning the Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge.

The good news for everyone who may have got a late start in this year's competition is that everyone's portfolios have been reset. That's right, the game is starting over, and everyone has an equal chance at winning the prize!

Even though my portfolio's have also been reset, I've gained some confidence in seeing these tips work already. So I expect, with a little luck, and sticking to the stock market basics that I learned at, that I should be able to climb the ranks all over again, and perhaps get even closer to the top spot now that the cheaters have been removed from the game.

I wish everyone the best of luck, and I will continue to post my opinions of the market's forecast as well as trading strategies I'll be using to take advantage of the movement.

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